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How to get things done & improve your results contains a collection of 12 proven methods that have helped individuals and companies to increase their work-related happiness and wellbeing. 



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This guide offers a collection of proven methods that have helped individuals and companies to increase their work-related happiness - after their first trial!

Meet the author: Friederike von Benten (Dipl. Psych.)

Friederike looks back on 10+ years of work experience in the corporate world. She holds a Diploma in Psychology, is allowed the title Psychotherapist (HPG) and is a certified Organizational Development Consultant, Systemic and Laser Coach and Agile Consultant.  

In cooperation with MAICONSULTING Friederike works as a Senior Consultant and Coach for some of the leading companies in the world in industries such as aviation, engineering and everyday-life products.  

She helps different clients – from admins to CEOs – especially with matters of Change Management and Leadership Development.  

She’s furthermore trained as a Scenic Coach and Psychodrama Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, and Quantum Healer (by RHI).  

Her approach is fun, individual and deep  

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What others have said about working with Friederike: 

„Words cannot describe the profound breakthroughs I experienced while working with Friederike." - Stephanie, Transformational Coach, Location independent

"Friederike’s approach helped me to understand my colleagues better." - Mara, HR Specialist, Germany

„Friederike has helped me see the “wild” part of myself that was needing to be seen!” - Andrea, Author& Speaker, USA

“She brings an excellent combination of mindfulness and business. Her positive charisma and conviction equally convinced me.” - Anke, Senior Projectmanager, Germany  

“The collaboration with Friederike helped me to completely shut down my "system" and return to myself. The inner peace and relaxation that ensued were phenomenal.” - Christoph, Senior Change Manager, Germany

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